When you get your carpets cleaned, it’s not just about keeping a clean appearance, but it’s about removing dirt, fungus and other pollutants from your home, transforming your unclean room(s) into a healthier and safer environment for your family. We at New Island Cleaning offer you the latest steam cleaning application recommended by every carpet manufacturer for all types of carpets. We sanitize, neutralize and deodorize all types of carpets. Upon arrival, you will get a complete inspection of your carpet. We identify any stains and provide you a full evaluation, informing you about the results you can expect. Then, we start the cleaning process. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians use only the most advanced and effective carpet cleaning equipment available. The carpet cleaning services we offer at New Island Cleaning will help remove unwanted dirt and dust that has built up over time as well as most stains, shampoo, dust mites and other insects from deep down inside the carpet and/or upholstery fibers. When we`re done your carpets will look amazing and with a clean fresh feeling. New Island Cleaning only uses safe carpet cleaning agents that are self-neutralizing, non-toxic and biodegradable so that no unpleasant residues and odors remain in the carpet or upholstery after the treatment. All products are safe for you, your family and pets. Consistent steam cleaning will have even greater results to prolong the life of your furnishings significantly longer than vacuuming. In order to remove the abrasive harsh dust particles that weaken tensile strength of the upholstery and carpet fibers, we recommend using our professionally applied carpet cleaning service methods at least once every year.