Oftentimes, home owners/renters have only one touch point with their home service professional. This occurs when the job is scheduled. After that, the home owner is often left blind to changes that may occur with the service professional or otherwise. HouseCall Pro changes the game by allowing the service professional to automatically send text messages/push notifications throughout each major point in the job workflow. When the service is scheduled, the customer receives a text reminding them of the booked service, date/time, and technician. When the service professional is on his/her way to the job site, the customer receives a text stating that the professional is on the way (triggered when the professional pushes the “on my way” button). When the job is closed out, the customer will also receive a text notification stating that the job has been closed out for the specified amount. All of these touch-points, including automated email invoices/receipts, make the service professional’s life a lot easier by alleviating the burden of CRM minutia and making everything automatic. In the end, the service professional stays top of mind for re-booking and provides a highly enhanced user experience