New Island Cleaning Can Help!

If your home experiences water damage or flooding, dampness and humidity promote the growth of moisture-related mold and mildew that can lead to toxic, mold-related reactions such as immune disorders, pathogenic disease and cancer.

Allergic reactions consist of:

Painful headaches // Disorientation and Dizziness // Nausea // Diarrhea // Chronic Asthma // Rashes and Open Sores and Chronic Fatigue.

Flood Damage has the ability to disperse in different directions in a very fast manner. Damaging all of your property from the original source of water. It has the destructive ability to find paths of least resistance in your property. N.I.C Cleaning & Restorations can help clean your facility to make sure all areas are uncovered. If the Flood Damage is not handled in a timely fashion, the scope of the damage may grow and become a lot more expensive. N.I.C Cleaning’s water damage restoration services will help you with restoration of all your water damaged property. We will examine the source of the flood intrusion and clean vulnerable areas from its origin. Whether you have sewer backup or water in your carpet or basement; we have the tools to handle all types of water damage repairs.